Aleasha Lewis

Aleasha is a Maryland-licensed Massage Therapist and a Vibrational (Energy) Medicine Practitioner. Aleasha specializes in deep tissue massage to relieve deep-seated acute and chronic pain and is well-versed in the complexity of soft-tissue injury, common and unique medical conditions, and stress-relief and reduction of anxiety. She also specializes in Oncology Massage and has completed a 3-month clinical rotation at an oncology ward. Aleasha has been a Reiki practitioner for over a decade and practices Usui, Kundalini and Karuna Reiki. In her not-so spare time, Aleasha enjoys nature, outdoor activities, travel, cultural and educational pursuits, involvement in, contribution to and activism in global and local social, ecological, and economic justices causes, volunteerism, reading, entertaining, her home family, friends and pets, and assisting and mentoring others.

Aleasha Lewis is currently not instructing any classes.