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Dr. William Vickers, an Anesthesiologist

"As a physician and aging endurance racer, I depend on the benefits of massage therapy. I've known hundreds of massage therapists and none embody the discipline better than Even Keel. A near fatal bike accident, 8 broken bones, a brain injury, and many strained muscles and ligaments-- it was Even Keel who helped me recover physically and mentally because of they understand and treat the mind body connection. Even better, Alexa is a hoot."


Mary Ewenson, SpinSheet

"Even Keel is therapy for my body and mind. I own a small business and am an athlete. I've always got some injury to rehab and some work thing swirling in my head. Lex and Kylie are my go-to team for sorting out both. From the moment I schedule the appointment with Grace, who happily navigates my crazy schedule, the relaxation starts!"


Stressed out exec who commutes for hours....

"From the moment you walk in to Even Keel you know you are in 'good hands'. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming with just the right touch. The massage rooms are cozy with light music to add to the mood. Every therapist I've had is professional and gave a first class massage. I particularly like a Thai massage and it's not often done to the perfection that I received at Even Keel."


Breaking Down Baby Boomer

"Oh! My aching back! Too often that's how I feel after tennis and/or gardening and that's when Even Keel has come to my rescue time after time. I have been going to Even Keel for 4 years and although I have tried other spas, massage centers, etc. I always return to Even Keel for a number of reasons. First, of course, the therapists are very skilled at what they do. They are professional, listen to what you want and/or need and treat you accordingly. In other places, I have found therapists are one-trick ponies, who do whatever they're comfortable doing, regardless of what you ask for. Also, the staff is consistently good - if you can't get your regular therapist, no worry, they are all good. The environment is relaxing, friendly, accommodating, and flexible. I have even on occasion had some come in off hours to see me when I needed them. Finally, they are just so darn nice...the kind of people you want to go to lunch with! In fact, Even Keel has become a family affair, as my 3 daughters, 35, 25, and 23, look forward to getting gift certificates to Even Keel in their Christmas stockings."


Michele Petitbon

"My favorite home away from home. My relaxing and recharging hour away from my six male counterparts. (Including the two male dogs. Peyton and Eli Manning) You guys are simply THE BEST!!"


Lucy Iliff - Multi Tasker Extrordinaire

"Thank you for letting me express how much I love Even Keel and everyone who works there. I'm usually too wiped out to say this after having a long, luxurious, best in the world ever massage with the nicest person I can think of. Lucy Iliff - bicyclist to work and anywhere else I can find a trail - Vermont, the Erie canal, Cape Vincent, NY, etc., tennis player, horses care giver, and stall mucker, gardener, SpinSheet employee, swimming pool care taker, Arnold Preservation Council president, and totally much too involved public citizen. Oh yes, cook, house keeper, grandmother; Everything I love to do but a lot of stress on this little, getting older body. Thank you for helping keep me going."


Al and Aida Cipriani

"Aida and I have greatly enjoyed our 90 minute massages for the past 5 or 6 years. We absolutely love the relaxed and relaxing atmosphere at Even Keel, and always look forward to our next visit."


Care Giver

"My husband has Parkinson's Disease and his big indulgence each month is his massage from Michelle."


Adam Shampaine, Business Owner and Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

"I have been going to Alexa off an on for 7 years, usually when I have an injury. I always experience instant relief after being treated. The last visit I had Thai massage and it was by far the most beneficial and rewarding treatment I have gotten. As an Amateur fighter injury's are common and being relaxed is paramount for success. Alexa really helped me prepare for my last fight with both massage and yoga. I have been to a lot of places around the area and none of them hold a candle to the experience, professionalism and knowhow of Alexa at Even Keel. I am happy to be a reference for her."


Brenda Shaeffer, PT DPT

"You ARE the best!!!"


Crystal Ebert

"I've been an Even Keel client for five years, shortly after moving to Annapolis. Kylie's success at helping me fight adult acne and keeping my skin looking and feeling great has earned my loyalty. Their massage therapy services are the best I've ever experienced--all of the ladies at the Keel have been amazing at helping me fight stress, cheering me through marathon training and fixing me up afterward. Even Keel is a real asset to the Annapolis community."


Nancy Cooper, Certified Running Coach

"As a certified running coach, I am always confident in sending my participants to Even Keel for a massage. The therapists are knowledgeable and they take the time to get to know their clients. Plus Lex's Thai massage - is the bomb!"


Lesley Donoho-Cohen - Mom and nurse

"As a nurse I am often on my feet all day, and as a mother, coming home from 'work' means more time on my feet. During my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos. For me, this equates to a lot of pain, mostly in my back where my SI joints and vertebra are hypermobile. For people with hypermobility syndromes, it's very hard for muscles to relax and therefore stretch appropriately. Often it is the ligament and tendon that is forced to stretch instead, making the pain and injury to the ligaments ongoing. The muscles in return are forced to do the job of the connective tissue, which leads to chronic muscle fatigue and eventually weakness and pain. The therapists at Even Keel Wellness Center have been the only successful help I've had in getting my muscles to stretch and relearn muscle relaxation. Alexa is incredibly knowledgeable and eager to help any kind of problem that comes her way. Her existing knowledge base is the most extensive I have ever experienced and her willingness and excitement to learn about conditions difficult to treat is truly amazing. Fortunately she's extremely selective in her choice of therapists and is staffed with equally exceptional massage therapists. I always leave feeling like a million bucks!"


Megan Moore and Jon Line, Annapolis Running Shop owners

"As owners of a running store and a marathon and cross country coach we deal with a lot of overuse injuries. We have full confidence in the staff at Even Keel to help our athletes uncover the issue and recover safely- I would never send them elsewhere."


Ron Bowman - Certified running and triathlon coach

"I have been an 'endurance athlete' for 30 years, with 98 marathons, 95 ultra-marathons (longer than 26.2 miles), and IRONMAN distance triathlons. As a Certified running and triathlon coach and Personal Trainer, and at 61 years young, I have come to understand the importance of a well-aligned muscular-skeletal system. Alexa, Corrine, and the Even Keel team have done an excellent job of keeping my body ready for endurance events – and, just important, the recovery after."


Mike Berry - Adventure racer, triathlete, injury rehabber, Even Keel fan club

"I love Even Keel because of the exceptional knowledge and skill each therapist uses to identify the cause of any discomfort or imbalance. Training and competing in 24+ hour races frequently leads to pain and injury, and the Keel has been there to help every time. It's more than just a job for all of them - they take our complaints as a challenge and proactively address issues before they become bigger. Thanks for keeping me on the race course for the last 6 years!"


Marjorie A.

"I have muscle damage caused by a rare autoimmune disease. Before coming to Even Keel I had been wary about getting a massage because I worried that someone who didn't understand my condition might hurt me more than they helped. But I discovered on my first visit to Even Keel that Alexa already knew something about my illness, which impressed me enormously considering I sometimes encounter health professionals who have never heard of it. Furthermore, I've had only good experiences with every Even Keel massage therapist who has worked on me. Without exception they've been very knowledgeable about how to tailor the massage to my unique issues, so I've been able to relax, enjoy the experience, and leave feeling much better than when I arrived. The folks at Even Keel are truly the only ones I trust to work on me."


Wendy Hickok Photography

"I have been going to Even Keel for the last three years to help me survive my busy life as a photographer! My job puts a big toll on my body and Even Keel gives me the rehab and therapy I need to keep going strong. They are always professional and I love having a relaxing place to go at the end of a long work week. Everyone deserves a treat and to keep themselves healthy!"


Marc Schwartz, D.C., Atlas Chiropractic

"I use Even Keel Wellness Spa as the perfect compliment to my practice."


Carol Lewis, PT, GCS, MSG, MPA

"Alexa is the most talented Massage Therapist with whom I have ever worked. I drive an hour both ways to see her and it is always worth it! Her skills are unmatched."