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Private Meditation Session with Alexa

50 Minutes $65  


Join Alexa for a 50 minute private meditation session tailor made just for you. Always wanted to learn but didn't know where to start? Well here it where the journey begins. Everyone has a their own reason why they want to meditate and as time goes by our reasons change. I started primarily to end my panic attacks and today it is my vitamin for a more energetic and balanced life. Based on your needs we can approach your practice by discovering topics such as:

Redeploying your Energy

Managing Stress




Dealing with Family



Improving Sleep

Achieving your goals and the list goes on....

Come in for a session and let's figure it out together. Invest 50 minutes and see how your investment will grow.

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Upcoming Classes

Join Alexa Zaledonis, Meditation Coach, Entrepreneur and avid Stress Fighter at the new Even Keel Living Meditation and Mindfulness Studio for  short lectures and meditation lessons on how we can live a more uncluttered life, starting with our mind. Each class will weave meditation practices and a lecture topic that will help us learn and share about meditation and how it can fit into anyone's life. The dedication is tiny compared to the enormous benefits!

Anyone is welcome, no prerequisites and please bring a friend!

Sample Topics:
Basic Meditation Techniques (we always review these!)
Mindfulness Practices
Fitting Meditation into your life
Neuroscience and Meditation
Fear and Change
Yoga Nidra
Staying in the Zone
Sports and Meditation

Also we will be conducting a six part series on Mindfulness @ Work. Line up your leaders, teammates and colleagues for a series that can change your life and your work!

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