Why Even Keel Exists - 15 years later....

Why Even Keel Still Exists - 15 Years Later 
You may find this hard to believe but it was a negative comment on my company that sparked my positive desire to write this blog. I value all of our client reviews so much that I pay to request them and a brief response wasn't enough for yesterday's feedback. I really had to think hard about it because if it’s important to one of our clients then it is important to us! Appreciative clients shower us with detailed accounts of what we do right (thousands to be exact) and we get all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes they tell us where we can improve and we become very serious doing all that we can to quell their concerns. Room temperature off, got it, more soundproofing in one of the treatment rooms, got it, scheduling online requests, done…. and on and on. But yesterday’s feedback really made me think. Years ago I would stay up all night worried about what to do and I might have reacted defensively and too quickly. Now, almost 15 years later, I slow down and meditate on it. Sound weird? Maybe, but that's just who I am and that is part of who we at Even Keel proudly are. A unique little boutique spa with highly qualified employees and a strong desire to provide an outstanding service to our family of clients and remain in business. It is not easy to run a small business; in fact, it’s very hard work. 
The client’s concern surrounded their "treatment" and not their actual couples massage, which they enjoyed. They felt that their "experience" was not the same as when they visited last February. My staff held their breath as they read the review because they care about their client’s experience as much as their individual performance. Last year the couple booked on Valentine's weekend and we served cookies and champagne, which they described as luxurious. I feel awful that they didn't receive the same treats this year. We only served champagne on Valentine's Day, which fell on a Wednesday this year while they came in the following Sunday. Darn, we should have been serving it all week for the holiday (note to self, won't happen again!). In addition, the flu epidemic has filled our local hospital and knocked many of our clients and staff to their knees...cookies and any unwrapped food was not entering Even Keel this year. Too many pregnant women walking around, including a staff member. BUT, we could have done something... 
In the last paragraph I did what I said I wouldn't and fell into excuse mode. I apologize! When it comes to client satisfaction there are NO excuses. The reason I am so appreciative of the only review that ever drove me to write a blog about it is because it made me think about who we really are. What does Even Keel represent? We are about to expand and add a meditation and mindfulness center. Years ago I added the word "wellness" to our name and we are currently trying to learn what our clients desire that we may not be giving them. Are we on the money? In this review we were compared to another spa whose pricing structure is on par with ours and always serves goodies… not just on Hallmark Holidays. I thought "Do they pay their staff excellent earnings, do they have very little staff turnover, do they use top quality (stupid expensive) products and not charge extra for "deep tissue"? Well we do…. but who cares, as what really matters is: do our clients come back time and time again for many years? Do our clients trust us enough to bring their children, grandparents, uncles, and aunts? Do our clients allow us to touch their newly replaced hips, do they breath a deep sigh as we care for their body that is battling cancer, do they say “help me calm my troubled mind and also my body” and most importantly…do they care enough to tell us when we fail and hug us when we succeed. The answer to all of the above is a resounding…. yes. And if I have to find a way to add cookies and champagne every day, well I might… but I doubt it. There are so many spa choices in the world and we are grateful to all who choose Even Keel.  May your choices fit your needs and may we serve our clients another 15 years and keep getting better at it every day.  
May your day be filled with peace and a body that will last,